Classic Archery Products

Modern age typically strives to replace man’s work with technology and to ease it via various gadgets. The same trend is seen in modern bow hunting as well. However, there is something thrilling about primal capturing the food on your own, especially if you’ve done it with self-made archery gear applying archaic hunting style.

Thundervalley Archery is dedicated to promoting what we call ‘Classic Archery’. We decided on this name because today’s ‘traditional archery’ has gone too far in our eyes. We promote archery, world-wide, from the ancient and archaic through the days of bowhunters like; the Thompson Brothers, Chief Compton, Chet Stevenson, Pope and Young, Howard Hill, Glenn St. Charles, Fred Bear, and Ben Pearson.

Our goal is to offer products and information for making your own classic archery equipment. There’s an intense feeling of accomplishment in crafting your own traditional wood arrows and self bows. Why not try it? One thing is certain, once you harvest an animal with archery tackle you’ve made yourself you’ll be hooked. You’ll have earned a place among all the other successful bowhunting craftsmen who came before you.

Bowhunters who are cut from this cloth appreciate the smell of Port Orford Cedar, warmed hide glue, and charred feathers. We long to walk the fields with a full quiver and to draw the taught bowstring on all wood bows reminiscent of the very equipment used long ago to slay the King’s deer. Longbows that may have even been carried by the likes of Robin Hood himself. We thrill to the strum of the bowstring and the flight of an arrow well shot.

Thundervalley Archery evolved from a passion for bows and arrows from an earlier, more simple time. A time when you made an honest living with your hands and by the sweat of your brow. When archery was pure and your achievements were won by extreme effort and dedication. When being an archer was what defined you, it was an integral part of your day to day life and those so inclined renewed their souls with roving and bowhunting adventures out in God’s great outdoors.

Come full circle with us, enter the satisfying realm of classic archery today.

We’re continually working on new items to help the archer with his craft. For instance, we’re bringing out an entire line of bow making accessories inspired by Dean Torges in his DVD Hunting the Bamboo Backed Bow. The name Dean Torges is synonymous with exquisite hand-crafted bamboo backed osage bows. He pioneered and perfected simple, effective techniques for making lively bamboo backed osage bows. Mr. Torges creates bows with smooth sleek lines that are comfortable in the hand, expertly tillered, and shaded with stunning stain techniques. We’re honored to be working with Mr. Torges, he personally inspects and approves each new item before endorsing them for sale on our site. To learn more about Mr. Dean Torges visit:

TVA Flemish String Jig 

If you’ve ever made Flemish strings you know how nice it is to use a Flemish String Jig that’s easy to work with. Take a close look at the Thundervalley Archery Flemish String Jig. We think you’ll agree with us that it’s the best string jig ever. The solid aluminum and steel construction means this jig will never wear out like the home-made wooden cribbage board jigs you normally see. Having the spool pin to hold your of string material really speeds up the process and helps prevent snags and tangles while you’re creating your bundles. Anyone who makes Flemish Strings needs to take a close look at this jig, it can make your life a lot easier…



TVA Self Nock Jig 

Make your own self nocks fast and easy with the Self Nocking Jig from Thundervalley Archery. Accuracy and precision are built into the jig allowing you to make perfect nocks every time. Besides, plastic nocks don’t look right on classic wood arrows… 


Dean Torges Bow Building Kit 

This kit includes the comprehensive, award winning DVD “Hunting the Bamboo Backed Osage Bow” by master bowyer Dean Torges as well as various tools, jigs, and even a master pattern for laying out your bow on the blanks you glue up. With the information included in Dean’s DVD and this bow building kit, all you’ll need is a few hand tools, raw materials, and a good bow making adhesive like our Bowyer’s Choice Epoxy and you should be turning out your Bamboo backed osage bows in not time. We think Bamboo backed Osage bows are the most impressive bows out there because you can get performance that rivals fiberglass backed bows, but with all natural materials. 

Dean Torges DVD – Hunting The Bamboo Backed Osage Bow 

Dean Torges DVDThis award winning DVD from master bowyer Dean Torges reveals Dean’s step-by-step construction systems and techniques for several styles of bamboo backed osage bow styles. You’ll see how to make: straight-limbed, simple reflexed, deflexed/reflexed and even recurved bows. 

You’ll learn all aspects of this sort of bow making from the selection of materials and working them all the way from raw material to finished bow. You’ll see how to make some specialized tools and jigs that really help the bow making process along and as a special bonus there’s even a section that shows hot to make inexpensive but rugged kids’ bow from rattan. 

There’s even a list of supply sources for materials and tools. There’s a ton of information from the master packed into this 75 minute DVD. 

TVA Z-Splice Jig 

When you need to join to pieces of lumber together for a bow the z-splice is the way to go and to make sure you make your cuts perfectly, there’s no better tool than the TVE Z-Splice Jig. This jig with its pivot arm makes cutting z-splices easy. You’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. The TVA Z-Splice jig makes cutting your z-splices fast, easy, and accurate. 

Note: The TVA Z-Splice Jig pictured shows two units so you can see how the arm pivots. When you order a TVA Z-Splice Jig, we ship one unit. 

TVA Walkie Talkie Tillering Tool 

When you’re tillering the bend in a limb, sometimes your eyes play tricks on you. The TVA Walkie Talkie shows you exactly how a limb is bending. With this tool you will tiller more precisely than ever. You’ll be able to finesse a bow to a whole new level. No more flat spots! Let the TVA Walkie Talkie become your new tillering secret weapon. 



TVA Torges Towers 

TVA Torges TowersThe TVA Torges Towers give you complete control over what style of bow you’re making. With these towers you can make straight limbed, reflexed, and deflexed/reflexed limb styles. With our optional recurve jigs you can even make recurved limbs like those shown in the Dean Torges DVD. 

It would take hours to make these yourself. Pick up a set today and spend your time making bows not jigs!