Magnus Classic Glue-On Broadheads

Every experienced bow hunter and archer knows that successful bow hunting lies upon smart tracing strategy, excellent shooting performance and deadly strong and precise archery gear. Most of them prefer simply constructed arrows carrying sufficient power to knock down the animal on contact. Magnus Classic Broadheads integrate all required traits.

Introduced in 1984 these tough broadheads exploded onto the market and took over as top of the food chain in cut-on-contact broadheads. Magnus Classic broadheads have always been the leader in cut-on-contact technology and have dominated the market for decades. Our broadheads are sharp right out of the package, tough, and guaranteed for life! The design is simple, they have no moving parts to fail upon impact and they’ve been used successfully around the world on any big game that moves. Our best advertising are the dedicated bowhunters who have used our products. They’ll be the first to tell you, “You Can’t Beat a Classic!” 

Note:You can glue broadhead inserts into any of these broadheads and then use them on carbon or aluminum arrows. Many compound and traditional bowhunters are using these broadheads on their carbon arrows.