Ways To Improve Your Bow Hunting Performance

When you face your target, whether it’s a target at the archery contest or running animal in wilderness, you’ll be occupied with coping the given circumstances for shooting. The mere shot will usually be automatic. Thus, to ensure accurate shooting and successful bow hunting, you should improve your shooting continuously before running out on terrain. The quality of gear matters, but here are some basic steps you should practice regularly to improve your shooting performance. These steps apply to both compound and recurve bow.

Proper posture and stance

The accuracy is not just about proper holding the bow and precise releasing the string. Taking adequate stance influences all other aspects of the shot. Most beginners side-face the target and set their feet at 90 degrees, due to false impression this will ensure their balance. However, experienced bow hunters suggest so-called open stance. This means facing the target openly, angled toward it at about 45 degrees, with parallel feet slightly apart. Pay attention to angle towards the target slightly in order to prevent the string contacting your clothes and changing direction of the arrow.

Proper bow grip

One of the most crucial mistakes bow hunters with bad shooting habits make is holding the bow with stiff, rigid grip and open hand. Opposite to the impression that this increases their control over the bow, it actually decreases accuracy. Therefore, the second thing to master is a loose bow grip with the closed hand. When drawing the bow string, it is important to position the fingers and arm properly. Use three fingers for drawing, placing index finger above arrow nock and two next fingers below it. Pay attention not to move the whole bow aside, above or ahead as you draw. If you’re a right-hand shooter, lock your right hand in so-called anchor position against your face, aligning your middle finger with your mouth and setting the string right in front of the eyes.

Proper aiming and releasing

Unless you’re a true archery talent or possess huge experience, the best is to use bow sights for aiming, instead of aiming according to the feeling. There are different approaches to aiming. Some shooters raise their bow, others swing left-right and some dip the bow down the target. Pick what suits you best, but stick to the same technique further on. Finally, it is crucial to release the string smoothly, best using two fingers, after the top or bottom finger is relaxed.